Glowing reports and feedback from those who attended the Unconventional Conventions China conference in May. Some of the Highlights were the Terracotta Warriors, in Xian but also the much less well known Yanling Mausoleum, to which Unconventional Conventions arranged a visit. On display here are several thousand pieces, two-thirds normal size, dating from the 2nd century BC – Terracotta armed soldiers, elegant palace maids, livestock and bronze utensils. Stunning! Another hidden gem to which we took our delegates was the Sanxingdui Museum in Chengdu which houses stunning Bronze Age artefacts uncovered in nearby archeological sites. The Great Wall, of course, did not disappoint, its length and scope In such an unforgiving terrain, truly breathtaking.

Dr Gary Kilov (1:42)
Dr Asha Nair (1:31)
Dr Ralph Audehm (1:11)