The historic delights of Quito continue on from site seeing to the taste buds. With scrumptious delights to be found on every turn of these cobbled streets, Quito has a winning combination. 

Commonly used as a transit point when travelling to the Galapagos Islands, Quito is situated in the heart of Ecuador. This lively and picturesque town is full of vivacity, colour, culture and vibrancy.

Consistently listed as the newest “hot’ destination for any intrepid traveller, there’s a plethora of must do’s on any travellers list. Highlights always include exploring the UNESCO World Heritage Old town for its winding maze of tiny streets and stunning colonial architecture. Visiting the beautifully restored Calle de la Ronda for the cultural art galleries and cafes. Igniting the budding historian by stopping by the La Florida Archaeological Site-Museum, where you will be fascinated to learn about the original inhabitants (before the Spanish and the Incas).

As the historic highlights are almost endless, it’s easy to fill your days soaking in the ambiance and the history, however hidden within this town is something far far more exciting to the palette. Quito is the place to visit for excellent authentic Andean cuisine; the cultural heritage is not only alive on the streets but also in everyone’s bellies.

First stop to enjoying the tasty delights of Quito would have to be the Mercado Central, not only do you feel instantly like a local you can also eat like one. Eying off the fresh produce and perusing the lunch stalls it’s evident the food scene is alive and kicking. The Ecuadorian soups are a delight, along with fresh seafood and tasty sausages.

There is one thing that this market is famed for doing the best: hornado. A whole cooked pig, fully marinated in tasty beer and slow roasted until crackly goodness and juicy meat is perfectly ready to be accompanied by the traditional potatoes and tortillas. Not only is this a traditional Andean dish it’s a delight to eat and certainly the headline act.

Once the pork satisfaction has worn off, there is obviously the dilemma as to where to dine for dinner, the options are endless and the cultural connections continue.

The highlight of the Quito dining scene is Zazu, it is very trendy, sleek and on all good foodies hit lists. Somewhere which is difficult to navigate to but still packed every night is usually a good sign and Zazu doesn’t disappoint. The restaurant is inside a luxury mansion. The homemade cocktails and the stunning wine cellar is worthy of a visit alone (make sure you take a look). The food is contemporary and exceptionally fresh, showcasing stunning seafood and South American cuisine on a sophisticated tasting menu. If lunch needed a refined partner it has been adeptly matched here.

Unconventional Conventions are spending three days in Quito as part of the pre tour for the Galapagos Island Conference in October 2015.

Space still available for one single person as of 5pm 3 August 2015. BOOK NOW. 

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