New World wines are becoming progressively well loved around the world, if you like a full bodied red or a vibrant and crisp white, then taking a day to explore the wine regions around Santiago is worthy of your time.

Santiago, Chile’s largest city is situated rather luxuriously within a valley bounded by the Andean mountains, all so delightfully iced with a fluffy layer of snow. Santiago itself offers much to see and do; it is a vibrant and lively city and has some interesting museums and art galleries. However, if cities aren’t high on your agenda a beautiful trip to the country is rewarded with some mighty fine wines.

 Cab Sauv grape Cab Sauv grape’s of Concha y Toro vineyard, Maipo valley, Chile

There are many options for guided tours to the wineries that are highly regarded, self guided if you are willing to restrict your imbibing as car hire is cheap, there is however another option which is easier and closer than you might think; the metro. Jumping on at your nearest Metro station you will need to navigate your way to Line 4 (which is the blue line) and take it to Metro Station Plaza de Puente Alto at the end of the line, this will take roughly 40 minutes from central Santiago. From there you can easily take taxis to the nearby wineries.

Maipo Valley is the closest wine region to Santiago and is Chile’s oldest and most famous wine producing area. This particular valley is famed for fruity cabernet sauvignons. Possibly the most famous of all Chilean wine is from the Concha y Toro vineyard that was founded in 1883. Being the largest wine producer in Latin America it is fantastic to get a taste for New World wines on a large-scale, after your visit you will notice it (if you aren’t aware already) predominantly featured on wine menus around the globe.

 Concha y Toro vineyard, Pirque village, Chile Concha y Toro vineyard, Pirque village, Chile

At the winery you can leisurely wonder the beautiful grounds or if you are keen to learn a bit more, join a guided tour. The tour is informative and ventures through the main vineyards, it is interesting to learn about the various grapes grown and come to understand the difference between them, something that at smaller wineries you maybe unable to do. The conclusion to the tour is a visit to the extensive cellars and participation in an excellent tasting of a selection of the wines. Note your favourite and purchase a bottle at the cellar, you can sip it slowly soaking in the splendour of the surrounds. There are many sought after restaurants around this region where you can easily navigate to if you fancy enjoying a wine over lunch.

If you are happy to grab a bike, a self-guided bike trip around this region will reward you with a larger section of smaller wineries. You just need to remember where you parked your bike.

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