You smell the dust stirred up by all those hooves, you hear the cacophony of lowing, expectantly you watch as thousands of wildebeest mill on the riverbank – which one will be the bravest (or is it the most stupid?) and start the crossing. Suddenly, a couple of beasts break away, heading to the edge and then you are overwhelmed by the whole event – thousands of animals, one after the other, careening down the bank, plunging into the water, struggling against the rush of the river, pushing their way across and pouring up the bank closest to you. This IS the “greatest natural show on earth”.

Live a lifetime dream and join us for this, and so much more – the spectacular scenery, the enthralling game viewing, the fascinating culture – on Unconventional Conventions’ East Africa conference safari.

Pre Conference Tour

Extend your experience before joining the main conference group - join the optional pre conference tour.

Day 1

Arusha – Ngorogoro Crater

Recover from your journey with a relaxing lunch at Arusha Coffee Lodge in the gorgeous gardens of the planation owner’s house. There will be time to window-shop or buy along the Traders Walk in the Lodge grounds. This is THE place for Tanzanite stones.

After lunch drive to your safari lodge at Ngorogoro Crater and join fellow delegates for a Welcome Cocktail Party.

Day 2

Ngorogoro Crater

Morning conference session.




This afternoon snake down from the rim of the crater passing through lush rain forest and emerge to a view that takes your breath away – a watercolour panorama of shimmering slate-blue lake, pale green plains and dark thick woods, all surrounded by the sheer purple-blue walls of the caldera.

The rich pastures, permanent water supply and natural barrier of the crater walls provide a haven for such an abundance and variety of animals that the game viewing is truly incredible.

Return to the lodge to share tales with your mates around the open fire before a hearty dinner.

Day 3

Ngorogoro Crater

Set off to the crater to see the rays of the morning sun light up the landscape.  Be on the look out for more fascinating David Attenborough moments. In no time you will become quite an expert and recognise the difference between Thomson’s gazelle, hartebeest, impala and eland. Stop for a bush lunch beside the lake. Watch as hippos wallow in the water. Return to the lodge in the early afternoon.

Afternoon conference

Day 4

Ngorogoro Crater – Masai Mara

Today travel from Tanzania to the Masai Mara, Kenya. This is the African idyll: big blue skies, flat-topped acacias in a vast landscape of savannah providing a backdrop to the world’s greatest array of wildlife.

The animals are so abundant in the Mara, you will always find something fascinating to stop and watch – it is virtually guaranteed you will see the “Big Five” during your safari.

Enjoy dinner by the pool and settle into your luxury safari tent for the night – listen out for those amazing bush sounds.

Day 5

Masai Mara

Today is an opportunity to immerse yourself in the Great Migration. The principle players are 1.7 million wildebeest, with supporting roles from some 400,000 Thomson’s gazelle, 300,000 zebra and 12,000 eland. They travel in a large circle from the Serengeti in the south to the Masai Mara in the north in search of fresh grass. You will be awestruck by the huge herds on your safari. The lions, hyenas, leopards and cheetahs await the annual coming of the migration with eager anticipation – great for us, not so much for the wildebeest.

Sit patiently as wildebeest gather at the Mara River in their tens of thousands. We have to bide our time and hope we will see a crossing as the wildebeest careen down the bank and pour across the river to the other side – hoping not to become crocodile bait.

Day 6

Masai Mara

This morning head off on an early morning game drive.

OR take an optional hot air balloon ride for a game-viewing adventure with an entirely different perspective. Enjoy the absolute stillness and the silence as you float above the plains, the forest and the rivers of the Masai Mara. This is one of life’s MUST DO experiences.

Conference session (4hours)

Enjoy a late afternoon game drive – there is always something new and different to see.

Day 7

Masai Mara

During this morning’s game drive visit a Masai village to learn about the life of the famous warriors and admire their efforts to maintain their traditions. Wonder how they can survive on their limited diet of milk, blood and meat. Appreciate the handiwork of the women who display their intricately beaded jewellery.

Afternoon Volunteer Clinic at Sekanani Village (4 hours)

Enjoy a traditional African bush dinner to farewell your colleagues.

Day 8

Masai Mara - Nairobi

A chance to have a last early morning game drive before flying to Nairobi where you will have lunch at the Karen Blixen Gardens. Then time for last minute gift purchases at the Kazuri Bead factory before transferring to the airport for your late night flight back to Australia via Bangkok, arriving back early morning Tuesday 28th August.

End of arrangements or Join optional post conference tour

Please note that this itinerary and costs may be subject to change.

Post Conference Tour

Continue your experience before returning to Australia - join the optional post conference tour.

End of arrangements. Please note this program may be subject to change

Dr Gary Kilov (1:42)
Dr Asha Nair (1:31)
Dr Ralph Audehm (1:11)
Dr Diana Hart & Dr Roger Scurr (1:39)