The following questions relate to the Antarctica, Patagonia and Carnival in Rio 2025 event. For general FAQs, please visit this page: FAQs


Can I bring a partner or friend?

Yes. Approximately 70% of delegates travel with a partner or friend. There are many public spaces onboard the ship so your travel companion can relax during the conference program.

Does my travel companion need to pay a registration fee?

Yes. If your travel companion is not attending any conference sessions then they will pay the smaller “Accompanying Person’s registration fee”.

Can I bring my children?

The minimum age requirement is 18 years old at the time of travel.

Can I travel on my own?

Yes. There are two options for Solo travellers. We will try to pair you with a travel companion to share the cabin/room with. Alternatively, if you would like your own cabin/room, you can pay a single supplement to have your own cabin/room.

What is a “single supplement”? 

This fee applies to those travelling alone, who would like their own cabin/room.

Will it be cold and what do I need to bring? 

Not as cold as you’d think. The average temperature on the Antarctica Peninsular in February is 1° C but can reach up to 15 degrees. You will be lent a waterproof spray jacket and boots onboard, which you can wear with the same outfit you’d go skiing. A detailed list of packing recommendations will be provided in due course.

How big is the ship?

The ship takes 200 passengers, all of whom can disembark at the same time for every excursion thanks to the 20 zodiacs and 20 kayaks onboard. more details on the ship can be found on the page SHIP AND CABINS

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