The Amazonian jungle is another of those experiences on many a wish list. So, for the post-conference tour we take you deep into the Ecuadorian Rainforest to stay in an ecolodge. There you can stroll along canopy walkways, paddle in dug-out canoes and walk through the jungle with native guides to discover the mysteries of the forest and the life of the Kichwa Anangu.  We’ll be on the look-out for monkeys, sloths, toucans, river dolphins and more birds and insects than you can poke a camera at.

Day 1

Disembark from the ship and fly directly to Quito.

Overnight in Quito

Day 2

Take a morning flight from Quito to Coca. Transfer bus bus and then boat to your lodge where you will be spending the next 3 nights. The lodges organise numberous daily activities which your adventure concierge will assist you in choosing.

Accomodation at Napo Wildlife Center or Sacha Lodge (lodge allocation based on date of registration).

Day 3

You can choose from numerous daily activities, some of the activities offered include:

Parrot Clay Licks

There are many parrot species. They eat salty clays to help themselves digest, but they also show themselves for you to have an unforgettable experience! Our tropical parrots are quite colorful and magnificent, and they are waiting for you to have a look on them. You will find these unique species only here, in the Ecuadorian Amazon.

Visit a local community

Through an unobtrusive dialogue, we learn about their day-to-day lives: how they dry clothes in the jungle and the challenges of getting to school, before helping to prepare and trying traditional food. It’s an intimate, unique experience, in which we discover both the differences and similarities between our own and another culture.


More than 610 species of birds you won’t find anywhere else! If you are a bird lover, you will have the opportunity of watching birds fly and behave in their natural habitat. Be a special witness of the rare species you can find only here!

Day 4

Continue to explore the amazon with a huge selection of activities to choose from:

Guided Forest Walks

Creeping along the jungle paths through the spotlights of sun filtering down through the canopy, careful not to tread on an army of marching ants, your nature guide will point out plants and insects and the fascinating symbiosis between them. He might take you through the territory of the crested owls or spider monkeys, expertly mimicking the creatures’ call to win their trust and coax them out of hiding. When darkness falls, have your flashlight ready to spot creatures of the night, from tarantulas and boas to stick insects and frogs.

Canopy Tower

You’ll feel like you’re on the very top of the world on the huge observation tower overlooking the Amazon. From here, magnificent, panoramic views of the forest unfold all around, while the 610 species of birds registered in the area, including rainbow-coloured toucans and parrots, become easy to spot. From the top you will enjoy an uninterrupted 360-degree view.

Creek Paddling

Paddling down the streams is like entering into a tunnel leading to a lost world. Birds call in surround-sound and vast families of monkeys leap from branches overhead, a show to coincide with the setting of the sun. Enjoy some up-close views of the water-life, including the black caiman or the infamous piranhas.

Day 5

Transfer by canoe, then boat, then bus, back to Coca where you will take a flight back to Quito.

Overnight in Quito.

Day 6

Fly from Quito to Santiago where you can spend the night at the airport hotel.

Day 7

Return to Australia, crossing the international date line and arriving on 23 September

Dr Gary Kilov (1:42)
Dr Asha Nair (1:31)
Dr Ralph Audehm (1:11)