Jordan is a beguiling country of contrasts – from its shimmering seas and arid deserts to ancient ruins and modern metropolises. Explore Jerash, Jordan’s largest complex of Roman ruins, wander through the iconic pink sandstone streets of Petra, once the grand capital of the Nabataean Empire. Sleep in a Bedouin tent in the desert of Wadi Rum and float on The
Dead Sea. Our pre-tour in Cyprus and post-tour in Jerusalem complete a trio of itineraries following in the footsteps of man’s earliest civilisations.

Main Conference.


Shimmering seas, arid deserts, ancient ruins and modern metropolises – Jordan is a country of contrasts. We’ll explore the best of this Middle Eastern marvel on a 10-day journey from city to sea. Start in Amman, exploring the capital’s atmospheric souqs, before travelling to Petra, the breathtaking lost city of the Nabataean Empire. Dune bash through the desert of Wadi Rum and stay overnight in a Bedouin tent, before traveling on to Aqaba, gateway to the Red Sea. Finish your journey floating on the legendary Dead Sea.

Academic program.

Medical Conference

(Dentists and other health professionals are welcome to attend)

The conference program is currently being finalised. 

Current Academic Advisory Committee members

  • Dr Margot Cunich – Co-ordinator
  • Professor Claire Jackson
  • Dr James Cafaro
  • Dr Alan Giles
  • Dr Jayne Ingham

Pre Conference Tour.


It’s no coincidence the Greek goddess of love was born in Cyprus. There’s much to love about this captivating island nation, cast adrift in the Mediterranean Sea. Based in the coastal city of Limassol, we’ll explore Cyprus from sea to summit, taking in the country’s awe-inspiring ruins, historic trade routes and traditional villages. See 1800-year-old mosaics at the ancient kingdom of Kourion, learn how to make moussaka with village locals in the Troodos Mountains, and pay your respects to Aphrodite at the sea rock where the mythical goddess was born.

Post Conference Tour.


Journey to the heart of the major Abrahamic religions on this scintillating tour of the holy city of Jerusalem. Explore the old city’s archaeological wonders from three sides of the religious spectrum – Islamic, Jewish and Christian. Visit the birthplace of Jesus, follow the path to crucifixion and see where Christ was nailed to the cross and later rose from the dead. Venture into the underground tunnels of the Western Wall, see the revered Dead Sea Scrolls and enjoy a drop of wine in the vineyards while learning about the biblical history of winemaking.

Costs and Registration.

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The conference package includes an accredited medical conference, 9-nights accommodation in 5-star hotels, daily tours, most meals more. 

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Dr Gary Kilov (1:42)
Dr Asha Nair (1:31)
Dr Ralph Audehm (1:11)