Seeing the Northern Lights, is on many a bucket list.

We have put together a unique program with 7 nights high in the Arctic Circle to give you an excellent chance of witnessing the mesmerising swirl of the Aurora Borealis.

First we stay in the Lofoten Islands, a place of staggering beauty, with peaceful fjords and handsome mountains and minimal human habitation. Then the Arctic Express train takes us on a scenic journey to Swedish Lapland, an intensely beautiful landscape of snow-bound forests, frozen lakes and vast expanses of tundra.

In these northern reaches of the world, each day can bring an almost magical stillness, and though the sun barely skims the horizon, for a few hours a day the sky glows deep blue and the snow seems almost luminous in the oblique light. After dark, with luck, you will be awed by the green and pink radiance arcing above you.

Pre Conference Tour

Extend your experience before joining the main conference group - join the optional pre conference tour.

Day 1


Depart Australia in the evening for a flight via Dubai with Emirates

Day 2


Arrive in Oslo from Australia and stay overnight at the airport hotel.

Day 3


This morning we join delegates from the optional pre-conference tour in Oslo to fly to Evenes and take a scenic coach trip to the Lofoten Islands.  This spectacular archipelago is draped across the Norwegian Sea, west of mainland Norway. This rare wilderness outpost offers an untrammelled landscape of majestic mountains and deep fjords and long, surf-swept beaches. For the next three nights stay in traditional fishermen’s cabins by the sea with snow-covered mountains forming the perfect backdrop. This evening join fellow delegates for a special local dinner and your first chance to see the northern lights, with tips on photography techniques from a local professional.

Day 4


Morning conference session.

This afternoon don some snow shoes and set out with our guides to experience the silent beauty of nature. Enjoy stories about the Vikings and other local legends. Take in the mountain vistas and breathe in the pure air that can only be found in the Arctic. Return to the hotel for a warming hot tub and sauna– you don’t have to dive into the ocean like the crazy Norwegians do!

This evening we take a short bus ride to Gimsøy village for a delicious dinner at a local farm where the owner will explain his family history and describe their life-style. The long beach on the fjord there should provide a great spot for northern lights viewing (fingers crossed!)

Day 5


Morning conference session.

Travel the short distance to Solvaer for some free time for lunch, then travel by zodiacs into some of the Lofoten Islands’ most dramatic fjords. Be awed by the largest Sea Eagles in the world circling above you. Return to the hotel and then you have free time to walk to the nearby town to visit the museum, aquarium and art gallery.

Enjoy a special dinner at the hotel restaurant finishing with a drink up on deck to see the skyline of Lofoten luminous with nature’s spectacular light show (hopefully).

Day 6


Today our coach takes us on a scenic route through mountains, fjords, picturesque fishing villages and bridges to Narvik, on the Norwegian mainland. Arrive at our hotel in time for lunch, while admiring the spectacular views – islands to the west and mountains in every other direction, while spectacular fjords stretch north and south.

Afternoon conference session.

This evening, a special treat as we take a cable car ride to a luxurious mountaintop lodge for a delightful dinner followed by Aurora viewing and photography opportunities.

Day 7


This morning we board the Arctic Circle Express, the world’s northern-most train ride. Zig-zag out of Narvik and then relax as you pass by spectacular scenery and pop in and out of tunnels. Arrive in Kiruna and transfer to the small village of Jukkasjarvi, next to the mighty glacial River Torne, and arrive at the original ICE HOTEL. The hotel is crafted into a unique incarnation each winter, and filled with imaginative artworks created by artists from around the world.

After lunch, enjoy a guided tour of this extraordinary hotel, finishing with a drink in the fabulously sculpted ICE BAR. Of course, your drink will be nice and cold – served up in a glass made of ice!

This evening dinner is at the Old Homestead, a cosy timber building which was once a school. After dinner, spend the night in an individually themed and hand carved ice room, snuggled up on reindeer hide – a surreal experience.

Day 8


Wake up early with a hot chocolate, coffee or tea before having a warm sauna – Scandinavians are crazy about saunas, but you don’t have to roll in the snow first

This morning channel your own artistic talents, creating your own ice sculpture under the guidance of an expert. You never know, you may be able to give up your day job.

Afternoon conference session.

Tonight dinner is at Väkkäräjärvi Wilderness Lodge where your cockles are warmed by a drink of mulled wine around an open fire. Enjoy a very special dinner before returning to the hotel.

Day 9


Wake up early with a hot chocolate, coffee or tea before having a warm sauna – Scandinavians are crazy about saunas, but you don’t have to roll in the snow first.

Then travel to a small village to meet the Sami people, the indigenous inhabitants of the Scandinavian Arctic. Learn of their traditional way of life – coastal fishing, fur trapping and sheep herding. Let them teach you how to throw a lasso. The Sami are renowned as reindeer herders and they will take you on a reindeer sled ride, the quietest and most magical way to enjoy the forest and snowscape. Look out, Rudolf. Have a traditional lunch in a Tipi – don’t be surprised if there is reindeer on the menu.

Afternoon conference session.

Tonight enjoy your final night in Lapland with a special farewell dinner.

Day 10


This morning, meet your team of huskies who will whisk you across the snowy tundra in your sled. This is a fast and exhilarating way to travel; you will be every bit as excited as your canine friends whose happy barks ring across the white landscape.

Morning conference session 

After lunch depart for your flight to Stockholm.

Day 11


Fly from Stockholm in the afternoon, arriving in Australia on Tuesday 19 February



Day 12


Post Conference Tour

Continue your experience before returning to Australia - join the optional post conference tour.

End of arrangements. Please note this program may be subject to change

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Dr Asha Nair (1:31)
Dr Ralph Audehm (1:11)