All travellers with Unconventional Conventions are now required to offset international flights with carbon credits. See Carbon Offset Program for more details.

The funds raised from the South America 2021 conference will be invested in the Gold Standard Qori Q’oncha project in Peru which provides improved cookstoves made from local materials that are more efficient and therefore reduce CO2 emissions and deforestation. These cookstoves are also healthier and safer for families.

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The following carbon offsets charges will be added to your final invoice to offset return flights to Brazil:

Economy flights: AUD$120

Business Flights: AUD$210


International travel is an enriching privilege that brings joy to individuals and draws our world together, but it comes at a cost to the environment and our future.

As a scientific-educational provider, Unconventional Conventions recognises the scientific fact that the 8 billion humans on earth are impacting the environment. More specifically, the carbon being emitted into the atmosphere through burning fossil fuels is leading to a rapid, unsustainable change that our world has never seen.

Carbon emissions from planes represent an estimated 3% of total emissions.

Unconventional Conventions has implemented a compulsory carbon offset policy that requires all delegates travelling with our organisation to purchase carbon offsets for their flights. This policy is applicable to all new international travel bookings made from 1 February 2020 onwards. For those organising their own flights – we will require a copy of their carbon offset certificate.

Some airlines offer a carbon offset option during the booking process, which will be automatically applied to all flights booked through our staff. If this is not available, we will purchase carbon credits through the internationally recognised Gold Standard organisation – please see the costs page for the estimated CO2 tonne offset required and the dollar value.

We are aware some delegates will disagree with the science regarding climate change, dispute this policy and refuse to pay for the carbon offsets. For the time being, we will offer the option for delegates to donate money to the Australian Red Cross Disaster Relief and Recovery Appeal to the value of the carbon offsets.

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