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Join us on a voyage of discovery to one of the few remaining untouched corners of the globe.  Stroll empty stretches of powdery white sand on jungle-clad islands which rise from pristine blue seas; trek through ancient rainforest to discover cascading waterfalls; seek out rare orchids, tree kangaroos and some of the world’s finest birds; visit remote villages to see tribal culture which is virtually unaffected by the modern world. Snorkel, scuba dive or view through glass-bottomed boat a stunning marine environment with striking colourful corals and a myriad of fish from the tiniest pygmy seahorse through to the majestic whale shark.

Scuba And Snorkel.

The Spice Islands is a world class tropical diving destination.

The region has one of the world’s largest marine national parks and is home to over 1,300 species of coral reef fish, 600 species of hard coral and 50 species of mantis shrimp. The diversity of the region ranges from pygmy seahorses, frogfish, and nudibranchs up to manta rays, dolphins, turtles and whale sharks.

You will spoilt by the conveniences offered by the facilities of the purpose built ship and water temperatures ranging between 25-28degrees celsius.

Dive Instructors patiently guide those who have never dived before through a resort dive program and expertly guide certified open-water divers to quality dive sites on the reef and around the islands. A comprehensive range of dive equipment, including wet-suits is provided.

Ship Configuration.

The state-of-the-art Coral Discoverer is the newest small ship operating out of Australia today. Launched in 2005 and purpose-built for cruising in the tropical regions of the southern oceans, guests will enjoy a uniquely Australian onboard atmosphere, with stylish furnishings, generous decks and the latest of modern facilities. On board you will enjoy the attentive and personalised service of the friendly all-Australian and New Zealand staff.

Coral Discoverer’s shallow draught allows it to access even the most isolated and remote locations, beyond the reach of other ships. The fleet of excursion tenders make travelling ashore as simple and comfortable as possible. Take advantage of the snorkelling and Scuba diving facilities to explore the underwater world.

Your Onboard Facilities
What you would expect of a much larger cruise ship:

  • Large sundeck and spa pool
  • Wireless internet for laptops, PDAs and onboard computer (subject to satellite availability)
  • Comprehensive reference library
  • Phone and fax facilities
  • Lecture lounge with large plasma screens
  • Two fully-stocked cocktail bars
  • Open Bridge
  • Guided engine room tours
  • Gift shop
  • Limited laundry facilities
  • SCUBA diving department
  • Single and double kayaks

Academic Program.

Each of our professional development programs is designed to address topics of interest and relevance to our delegates and their practices.

Our Academic Advisory Committees, comprised of practitioners from a range of fields of practice, endeavour to source the best possible speakers to provide a series of presentations, workshops, case studies and panel discussions for each conference.

Unconventional Conventions’ director for the past 20 years is a practicing doctor who takes great pride in offering a comprehensive, stimulating and appropriate academic program. Unconventional Conventions aims to ensure that the combination of lectures, workshops, hospital visits, training activities and clinic in the community make up more than 50% of daily activities during the main conference tour.

Many of our travel destinations provide an opportunity for local professional contribution and cultural exchange through workshops and structured visits to local clinics.

Our conference programs are prepared over a 12 month period and full details are available 3 months prior to the conference. Unconventional Conventions is an accredited education provider for RACGP. Application for ACRRM points is made for each conference. Dental programs are certifiable with Dental Board of Australia and RNZCGP.  Specialists may apply for CPD points at their own discretion.

Photos And Merchandise.


Purchase Mark Cunich’s 128-page hard cover photo journal with highlights from the 12 day trip. All photos were taken during the trip. One click and the photo album will be delivered to your door.

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