ONLY 2 x Category 1 cabins remaining

Join Unconventional Conventions for an exclusive 11-night cruise from the Red Sea, through the Suez Canal, across the Mediterranean, through the Greek Islands, and finishing in Athens. All of this, whilst sightseeing ancient wonders, and participating in a medical conference onboard. This program truly has it all.

Academic Program.

Medical Conference

(Dentists and other health professionals are welcome to attend)

There will be a total of 24 hours of conference lectures

The lecture program is currently being finalised. The following topics and more will be covered:

  • Dr Symon McCallum – Pain & Anaesthetics
  • Dr Katie Ellard – Gastroenterology
  • A/Prof Elton Edwards – Orthopaedic Surgery
  • Prof Lorraine Dennerstein – Women’s mental health and psychosexual dysfunction
  • Professor Ian Freckelton AO KC – Forensic Medicine
  • Dr Richard Sullivan – Pain & anaesthetics
  • Professor Dominic Dwyer – Medical virology and infectious diseases
  • Dr Ljiljana Miljkovic-Petkovic – Gynaecology

Main Conference.


This snippet gives a glimpse of what this extraordinary program covers.

  • The Red Sea
  • Great Pyramids & Great Sphinx
  • Mediterranean Sea
  • Rhodos, Santorini, Monemvasia …
  • The Acropolis


Ship and Cabins.

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Costs and Registration.

ONLY 2 x Category 1 cabins remaining

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Dr Gary Kilov (1:42)
Dr Asha Nair (1:31)
Dr Ralph Audehm (1:11)