Join Unconventional Conventions for the 11th Antarctica conference.

Be inspired by the pristine beauty of Antarctica – massive sparkling blue icebergs; sweeping ice sheets; towering mountains; spectacular sunsets. Be thrilled by the glorious abundance of wildlife – cute penguins waddling; plump seals basking; magnificent whales breaching; and millions of seabirds soaring.

Join us for this remarkable expedition to Antarctica – the ideal way to combine high quality continuing medical and dental education with travel to the last frontier.



Medical Academic Program.

Combined Medical and Dental Conference

The conference program is currently being finalised. 

This multidisciplinary conference is a great opportunity for collaboration between the dental and medical professions in understanding the patient’s greater wellbeing.


Dental Academic Program.

Combined Medical and Dental Conference

The conference program is currently being finalised. 

This multidisciplinary conference is a great opportunity for collaboration between the dental and medical professions in understanding the patient’s greater wellbeing.

Proposed Topics

  • Oral Medicine
  • Respiratory and sleep disorders
  • Diabetes
  • Clinical Communications
  • Emergencies

Unconventional Conventions is an Accredited Education Provider. Each of our continuing professional development programs is individually designed to address topics of current interest and is relevant to our professionals and their practices. The Academic Advisory Committee, comprising of medical professionals from across Australia will work with recognised and respected specialists to prepare a selection of presentations, workshops, case studies and panels discussions which will be specially prepared for our conferences.

Main Conference.


There’s no destination on Earth more remote or pristinely beautiful than Antarctica. Superlatives do not begin to encapsulate the magnificence of the white continent – a frozen realm of glinting icebergs, towering mountains and ice sheets, home to a plethora of the planet’s hardiest wildlife. On this 14-day expedition, see breaching whales, waddling penguins and lounging elephant seals. Glide around ice floes in a zodiac, be dwarfed by cathedral glaciers, pluck up the courage for a polar plunge, and enjoy pinch-yourself moments as we cross the Antarctic Circle.

Ship and Cabins.

The Ocean Diamond operated by Quark Expeditions is a modern, stable super-yacht, and one of the largest of our small expedition ships. With two stabilizers and an ice-strengthened hull, this outstanding vessel is ideal for polar expeditions.

As one of the fastest ships in Antarctica, it is also one of the most comfortable. There are 101 elegantly designed cabins and suites, all with exterior views, and expansive common spaces, a club lounge, and a spacious restaurant. The ship offers numerous adventure options, plus on-board features such as interactions with photography instructors. After a full day of exploration, passengers can relax, browse books or DVDs in the well-stocked polar library, or enjoy stunning polar scenery from the sun-lit, panoramic observation lounge.

Paddling Excursion.

Every sweep of the paddle as your craft glides through the pristine polar waters creates an incredible soundtrack: the jostle of glacial ice, the lapping of waves against the rocky shore, the perpetual drip from your paddle, the call of seabirds, and the occasional splash as wildlife break the surface of the water.

Our Paddle Excursion Program provides sit-on-top, two-person, inflatable kayaks that provide guests with an intimate, water-level experience in unforgettable locations in both the Arctic and Antarctica. These stable, rugged and comfortable crafts are an ideal way to see the polar regions from a different perspective. On-ship, you’ll be provided with instruction and equipment including dry suits, personal flotation devices (PFDs), and waterproof gloves. Experienced guides will lead you safely throughout the paddling excursion. Your group will always be escorted by a safety driver in another kayak who will stay close by to provide additional support.

Pre Tour – Patagonia.


Plunging glaciers, towering mountain peaks and luminous icebergs – Patagonia is redolent of a Walt Disney faraway land. But this wild South American frontier is real. Our adventure takes us to the prized twin regions of southern Patagonia – Torres del Paine National Park in Chile and El Calafate in Argentina. Ride with gauchos to explore hidden canyons, hike amid soaring granite peaks and aquamarine lakes, and cruise through a frozen wonderland of glaciers and icebergs to a historic ranch in Argentina’s glacier capital.

Post Tour – Iguazu Falls.


Iguazu means “big water”. What an understatement. Iguazu Falls is one of the largest waterfalls on the planet, discharging 1.5 million litres of water over 275 individual cascades every second. So awestruck was Eleanor Roosevelt when she visited Iguazu, the late first lady reportedly exclaimed “Poor Niagara!. On this five-day tour of Iguazu Falls – exploring both the Argentine and Brazilian sides – you too will be in awe. Venture to the top of the Devil’s Throat and stare into the mist-shrouded abyss, feel the thundering power of the falls on a boat ride to the base of the cascades, and enjoy VIP access from your exclusive accommodation inside the national park.

Costs and Registration.

The Unconventional Conventions package price is in-line with the Quark Expeditions market-rate for this 12-night expedition to Antarctica, including the Antarctic Circle. The package also includes an accredited CPD medical & dental conference as well as some additional extras from Unconventional Conventions.

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Dr Asha Nair (1:31)
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