Wonder around Santiago tasting some of the finest cocktails and freshest food, boasting interesting and exciting nightlife the bar scene is to be sipped, sampled and savored.

When you first think of Chile, striking Andean landscapes and fine Chilean wines spring to mind. Such landscapes and wine live up to expectations; rich terroir and perfect weather conditions make for impeccable growing conditions. Such is the abundance of grapes grown in this region a use for the plentiful fruit has resourcefully been found. Like tequila is to Mexico, vodka is to Russia, pisco and Chile are tightly paired.

Pisco is famous amongst Chileans; the highly spirited liquor is actually classed as a brandy. With transportation restraints in the 16th century, and the demand for alcohol content, the Spanish settlers brought the process to Chile. By distilling the copious supply of wine, the alcohol content was increased and liquid volume decreased to allow easier distribution to the more remote communities.

Pisco, with a grassy colour and spicy-sweet taste is still very much a staple here. Governed much like the regions of Champagne, pisco must be crafted within the country’s two official regions, Atacama and Coquimbo. Mostly made with the Muscat grape, pisco is enjoyed in all its glory throughout the country. Santiago is a brilliant start to a Chilean pisco journey, with a buzzing cultural and culinary scene; Santiago has numerous options to enjoy a pleasing cocktail or two.

We first travelled to the upmarket area of Alonso de Cordova, where a trendy rooftop soaks in the Andean view and showcases some wonderful pisco sours cocktails. Tramonto Bar and Terrace is somewhere you go to lap up the final rays of sunshine before they gently fade behind the Andean ranges whilst relaxing in the luxury poolside surrounding.

Next a Chilean institution, Liguria is situated in Manuel Montt, it serves up traditional food in a relaxed atmosphere, listening to live music whilst finishing off a plate of clams and a glassful of pisco delights on all fronts.

At the renowned Chipe Libre lies a beautiful garden patio with the largest and most extensive pisco list in Chile. Try the pisco tasting menu, sampling a selection of the best pisco’s, along with interesting explanations of origin, it makes for an enjoyable and dare we say educational part of the evening.

A trip to Etniko will certainly mix things up, rather literally. With waiters dressed like Shaolin monks, this fusion restaurant and bar serves fine cocktails in an atmospheric scene. Packed with the finest looking locals all soaking in the evening serenity within the beautiful garden, tourists and locals combine. Sipping on superior pisco cocktails and enjoying a selection of the ceviche menu, both the food and drinks are complemented by the surroundings. Watch as the chefs skillfully prepare the freshest seafood right in front of you whilst you chatter the night away surrounded by beautiful Latin company.

Unconventional Conventions are visiting Santiago as part of the South America Adventure Conference in February 2016. More information HERE

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