Our very own Amy Mayhill ventures over the bridge to sample Sydney’s best authentic Filipino Cuisine. Amy is Unconventional Conventions’ newest employee and managing the upcoming dental conference in the Philippines.
Written By Amy Mayhill


When you make two South Siders journey to the other side of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, we were bound to get lost along the way. After what felt like a drive long enough to get us to Brisbane, we eventually made it to the very exclusive parking garage of the Epica Building in Chatswood. However, in comparison to the roads and traffic in the Philippines, this would’ve been a walk in the park. A locked elevator and no way to get up just one floor, stood between our rumbling tummies and some of the most highly rated, authentic Filipino cuisine Sydney has to offer.

As we finally found our way through the doors of Pamana Restaurant we were greeted by a woman with a big smile and a phone to each ear, which turned out to be the owner on the phone to Telstra. Maybe the technology is similar to the Philippines as well!

Regardless, we were welcomed into the restaurant and 2 young girls appeared to seat us with menus and water in hand and to offer us their recommendations.

Did we go for the classic Filipino Chicken Adobo, some seafood or a hearty soup on a ‘cold’ Sydney winters night? After much deliberation, we chose the Bicol Express (Grilled Pork Belly cooked in coconut milk and tons of spices topped with famous Baliwag chicharon) and the Traditional Ginataang Kalabasa (vegetable stew made with kabocha squash, shrimp, and long beans cooked in coconut milk) with a side serve of Garlic Fried Rice, making sure there was still plenty of room for dessert.

After we placed our orders we were able to watch a few other dishes go past, leaving nothing but a delicious smell in their wake as the food envy kicked in and the questioning of our own order floating in our heads.

First to come out was the Bicol Express, followed by the rice and Cinataang Kalabasa straight after. We got stuck in and could not stop eating long enough to comment on how delicious the food was. The garlic rice would have been nice enough on its own.

The flavours were amazing, the perfect mix of creamy with a bit of spice. Mistaking a green chilli for a rather large green bean, I found out just how much the Filipinos really do love their spice!

After our dinner had settled and my mouth had cooled down, the dessert menu was brought back out and we decided on the traditional Turon (Banana Fritters) and Brazo De Mercedes (a meringue with egg custard filling). The restaurant was lively with chatter from other couples and groups of friends coming in and out as we waited for our desserts to arrive.

Even though the Pamana restaurant was quite large in size, it still felt cosy and homely with the wooden décor and candles on every table.

We tried the Brazo De Mercedes first and while it was sugary and delicious they really did save the best until last with the Turon. We ordered two desserts to share, but those Banana Fritters were all mine. The crispy fried roll crumbled as you crunched through to the sweet banana on the inside and that was all before realizing we must try it with some of the accompanying sweet jelly. If this is the best Sydney can offer, I can only imagine what we’ll find in the Philippines!

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Daghang Salamat, mangaon ta!

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