A train journey through the tunnel of time.

To think of this as merely a train journey, one would be greatly mistaken. Labelled “the world’s most luxurious train” Rovos Rail’s Edwardian Pride of Africa is for those refined travellers with adventurous spirits in search of untouched landscapes and endless wilderness. A gateway to an opulent era of travel, the grandeur of a golden age is reignited through sheer extravagance, reflecting the richness nature has bestowed upon this journey.

On departure, the welcome sight of two neatly dressed attendants pouring a welcome tipple is delightful. As the red carpet is rolled away, we gently depart from the station platform and begin our adventure. At this point, take all of your prior transportation dining experiences and throw them right out of the beautifully decorated curtained window. Welcome in, new exquisite tastes and experiences. Permissible though, reminiscent thoughts of French baguettes on the Eurostar, not served in such refinement but tasty none the less.

Such delights encountered on this culinary journey can include; springbok, ostrich, tilapia, lobster, duck and scallops, all served in beautifully appointed dining cars. The emphasis is clearly placed on fresh and seasonal ingredients; perfectly teamed with excellent South Africa wines, complemented with unparalleled service.


The ambiance is one of old world elegance; one would not be surprised if Ernest Hemingway or Sir Arthur Conan Doyle were to plonk down next to you. The scene would be most usual for them with tables set with polished silver cutlery, crisp white tablecloths and immaculate glassware.

You maybe surprised with how quickly your ears become attuned to the dining gong, a sound indicating service is ready, alerting your tastebuds to awaken for the delights that await them.

As the sun lowers towards the west, sitting in the opulence of the lounge car permits the time to unwind and observe the compelling and spectacular landscapes. At the posterior of the train one can feel free and exhilarated with the experience of being outside whilst the train moves gently along, taking in uninterrupted views along the way.

On retirement to your room, the enjoyment does not end, the decadently accessorised rooms are delightful for any downtime, with handsomely upholstered armchairs well appointed for watching the wilderness roll by, it’s a sheer delight to take in. If staying in the Royal suite, time is absolutely well spent soaking in the Victorian bathtub, perhaps not something one could enjoy on the Eurostar!

Unconventional Conventions have chartered The Pride of Africa for a medical conference onboard whilst travelling through Namibia in May 2015.

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Dr Gary Kilov (1:42)
Dr Asha Nair (1:31)
Dr Ralph Audehm (1:11)
Dr Diana Hart & Dr Roger Scurr (1:39)